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What are some advantages of selling real estate at auction?

  1. Buyers are “put on notice” that there is a deadline or time frame they must act.
  2. Buyers Compete. With the auction method, buyers compete with each other instead of competing with you
  3. Prearranged Financing. Financing arrangements must be made before auction day.
  4. Home Inspections must be done before auction day
  5. Short time to closing. Because all arrangements for financing and title work is done prior to auction, closings take place very quickly; Often within a few days after auction

How long is the process to auction real estate?

Normally, the auction takes place 9 weeks after signing the auction contract, And closing takes place within a few days for a cash sale and a couple of weeks with lender involvement.

Can I place a minimum acceptable bid on my property?

Yes. A minimum amount can be set. That is a discussion to be had during the consult appointment.

How much does it cost to have a real estate auction?

There are two fees involved with the auction. A marketing fee is charged according to the advertising to be done, which is discussed with the seller. This fee is often simply taken out of the proceeds at the closing of the transaction.

The other fee is the commission to the auction company. That fee is generally charged to the BUYER in the form of a buyer’s premium (an amount added to the high bid to become final contract price which is disclosed in auction terms to potential buyers prior to auction)

Is selling at auction the best way to sell real estate?

Each case is different.  A consultation is necessary to determine if the auction method or traditional listing method is most appropriate for your property

What is the process of a real estate auction?

  1. A consultation takes place between seller and auction company
  2. A contract is agreed on and signed
  3. Marketing begins
  4. Open house held
  5. House or land is shown during entire marketing period
  6. Auction held (approx. 9 weeks after signing contract)
  7. Closing takes place

What is a Multi-Par Auction?

 A multi-par auction is a land auction where one piece of land l is divided into more sections to offer at auction. Often the individual pieces are offered separately, then as a combination.

How much does it cost to have a general personal property auction?

Every situation is different and requires different levels of organization and methods of marketing. We define our services and costs when evaluating the auction inventory and provide a proposal that includes all marketing, set up and conducting the auction

How long does it take to have an auction?

Every piece of property and estate is unique. However, generally speaking estates can be settled within 8 weeks of signing a contract. Often sooner.

My parents are moving into an assisted living facility and I live out of state. Can you help?

Yes. Once a contract is signed, we take care of the rest. Our team will go through the property and organize all items to be sold at auction. We also have the ability to aggressively market and sell the real estate through either traditional listing methods or the auction method

What is a simulcast auction?

A simulcast auction is an auction that is conducted both live AND online at the same time. Most of our auctions are simulcast auctions, allowing those who cannot attend the auction to either bid along with the live crowd or place a bid online prior to the live event  that will continue to bid your amount for you. An email is sent notifying bidder of winning lots and they may come to the site and pick up item.

How do I register to bid online?

Registering to bid online is very easy. In the body of the description of the particular auction you are interested in, is a flashing “Click here to view catalog or place bid”

  1. Click on “Click here to view Catalog or Place bid”
  2. At the top of that page is a button “Login/Register to bid” Click there and follow instructions to register

How do I bid online?

     1.After registering to bid, simply click on the “Bid $ amount” on the item

     2.A window will open, asking for a “Your new ma bid”

     3.You may enter the amount it was asking for, OR may place a max amount you are willing to bid.

** If you place a $100 dollar ma. Bid, it will still start at $5.00 or wherever the bid is. If a competing bidder only bids to $25, your bid would go to $30 and you would win it at the $30.

Do I have to prep the items for auction myself?

Generally speaking, no. Our team organizes and preps the items in a way best suited for auction sale

How does an online-only auction work?

An online-only auction is a timed auction with internet bidding. Items are cataloged and it is open for bidding for a specific amount of time. During this time, a preview is held for bidders to inspect items. Once the auction has ended, items are picked up or shipped.

How much do you charge for a conventional listing?

It depends on several factors including level of value of home or land and prep/staging our team will be doing.

Do you hold an open house?

Yes. We generally will hold at least one open house, which is advertised in the local newspaper